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Hastings Festival Results

1st place


Seren age 13 modern

Daisy B age 15 Greek

Amelia & Katie 14 & under MT Duet

Sullivan, Evie & Sophie 10 & under character trio

Carnival of Chaos - Inter character group

Somewhere only we know - Inter Lyrical group

Annie - Junior MT group

Legally Blonde - Senior MT group


2nd Place


Katie age 13 MT

Seren age 13 Greek

Seren age 13 Lyrical

Sophie M age 9 Tap

Katie & Seren age 14 & under lyrical duet

Ella-Marie age 14 character

Ella A age 15 MT

Daisy B age 15 MT

Sullivan age 8 Tap

Sophie, Daisy & Emily age 21 & under Lyrical Trio

Beggin’ - Senior small Tap group

Chernobyl - Senior contemporary group

Amelia, Evie, Sophie & Lucy age 10 & under modern quartet

Evie & Sophie age 10 & under tap duet


3rd place


Eryn age 10 Tap

Ella-Marie age 14 Modern

Sophie M age 9 Modern

Daisy B age 15 ballet

Ella age 15 Tap

Daisy B age 15 Tap

Lucy, Amelia D & Eloise age 14 & under Modern Trio

Singin’ in the Rain - Junior Modern group

Fosse - Senior Modern group Six - Senior small MT group

Don’t cry for me - Senior Lyrical group



This week we are at our home festival in Eastbourne. This is a busy week, with many of our dancers competing in solos, duets, trios, quartets and groups during the week. Results for each day below:


Well done to all our wonderful seniors and inters that performed yesterday, you danced beautifully and made us so proud!
Well done to Gracie-May, Emily, Elodie, Daisy, Daisy, Ella, Sophie, Lucy, Katie, Amelia, Eloise, Holly, Rosie, Scarlett, Ella, Sasha, Summer, Lia & Tyler! You all did an amazing job with your performances!

Day 1 at Eastbourne Festival

1st place 🥇
Elodie age 16+ Greek
Lucy W age 16+ Tap
Amelia G & Katie P age 13 & 14 MT duet
Lia & Daisy B age 15-21 MT duet

2nd place 🥈
Gracie-May age 16+ Greek
Gracie-May age 16+ Character
Holly, Rosie, Eloise & Scarlett Inter classical Trios & Quartets
Ella & Tyler age 15-21 MT duet

3rd place 🥉
Gracie-May age 16+ National
Elodie age 16+ Lyrical

Well done also to our pupils that took part in the singing section of the festival with your singing teachers, we are very proud of you too. Well done to Katie, Ella, Carys, Amelia & Shay!



Day 2 at Eastbourne Festival

Well done to our dancers for some more incredible performances yesterday. You all danced so well. Well done Ella, Ella-Marie, Amelia, Katie, Seren, Izzy, Sasha, Erin, Freya & Keiana

1st place 🥇
Seren age 13 Modern

2nd place 🥈
Amelia age 14 National
Seren age 13 Ballet
Seren age 13 Lyrical

3rd place 🥉
Katie age 13 Modern
Saha & Erin age 11 & 12 MT duet
Amelia age 14 Greek
Amelia age 14 Tap

Everyone is really doing us proud. Your attitude and kindness to others as well as wonderful performances on stage!



Day 3 at Eastbourne Festival

Well done inters for some fabulous performances, you were brilliant! Fabulous dancing from Seren, Freya, Sasha, Ella-Marie, Amelia, Ella, Summer & Erin.

Results from day 3…

1st place 🥇

Erin & Sasha age 11 & 12 Contemporary duet

2nd place  🥈

Sasha age 12 character

3rd place 🥉

Seren age 13 Greek

Ella-Marie age 14 character

Well done everyone


Day 4 at Eastbourne Festival

Well done to all our dancers yesterday - Harper, Sophie, Lydia, Holly, Ella, Enina, Eryn, Rosie, Scarlett, Sullivan, Summer, Honey, Katie, Seren, Sophie, Daisy, Daisy & Amelia!

Special mentions to Harper & Lydia for performing your first solos and Honey for her first duet. Also to Holly for her last solo with us before she moves away.

Results from day 4…

1st place 🥇

Ella & Summer age 11 & 12 character duet

2nd place 🥈

Enina & Eryn age 9&10 character duet

Scarlett & Sullivan age 11&12 character duet

Katie & Seren age 13&14 lyrical duet

3rd place 🥉

Lydia age 9 character

Sophie age 9 National

Holly & Rosie age 11 &1 2 character duet

Enina & Eryn age 9 & 10 MT duet

Daisy & Amelia age 15 & 16 lyrical duet


Day 5 at Eastbourne Festival

Wonderful day at Eastbourne Festival yesterday! Our dancers are doing us proud and being so supportive of each other it’s lovely to see.

Well done to Lucy, Evie, Sophie, Sullivan, Nellie, Eryn, Dahlia, Delilah & Violet for your brilliant performances yesterday.

Special mentions to Sullivan, Dahlia & Nellie for your first ever solos! You were amazing!

Day 5 results…

2nd place 🥈

Evie age 10 character

Sullivan age 8 tap

3rd place 🥉

Dahlia age 7 ballet

Evie & Sophie age 9&10 stage duet

Delilah & Violet age 8& under character duet


Day 6 at Eastbourne Festival

Shorter day at the festival yesterday with performances in the afternoon only, some amazing performances by everyone!

Well done to Ella, Summer, Sophie, Evie, Sullivan, Delilah, Violet, Daisy, Elodie, Gracie-May, Maisy, Eden, Sophie, Amelia & Lucy.

Special mentions of the day for Summer, Daisy, Elodie & Gracie-May for taking on the improvisation sections and also Maisy, Sophie & Eden for their first trio!

Places on Day 6…

1st place 🥇

Summer age 11-13 commercial

Sophie, Evie & Sullivan age 10&under classical trio

Sophie, Amelia, Evie & Lucy age 10&under stage quartet

2nd place 🥈

Ella age 11-13 commercial

Delilah & Violet 8 &under modern duet

3rd place 🥉

Summer age 11-14 improvisation


Day 7 at Eastbourne Festival

Another quiet day yesterday at the festival! Great performances and lovely support!

Well done Aurora, Scarlett, Tansi, Ella, Summer, Gracie-May, Keiana, Amelia, Lia, Daisy & Ella.

Special mention to Aurora for her first solo performance, Tansi for her first Shining Stars performance and Gracie-May for doing the improvisation section!

Results from day 7…

1st place 🥇

Ella age 15-18 MT 

2nd place 🥈

Gracie-May 21 &under classical improvisation


Day 8 at Eastbourne Festival

Start of groups at Eastbourne Festival yesterday and a lovely day and performances that made us so proud! Well done everyone!

Well done Keiana, Amelia, Katie, Ella, Lia, Daisy, Seren, Daisy, Ella-Marie, Ella, Sasha, Erin, Summer, Freya, Isla, Enina, Eryn, Amelia, Sophie, Evie, Maisy, Katie, Sophie, Lucy, Holly, Eloise, Summer, Sophie, Emily, Carys, Rebecca, Kacie-Leigh, Phoebe, Heather, Elodie, Izzy & Lucy - you were all amazing!

Places from day 8…

1st place 🥇

Six -Senior MT mini group

Amelia age 13 & 14 MT

Amelia, Katie, Lia & Daisy - senior MT quartet

2nd place 🥈

Ella age 14-16 commercial

Indiana - junior MT mini group

Chernobyl - senior contemporary group

3rd place🥉

Millie - Inter MT mini group


Day 9 at Eastbourne Festival

Final day of the festival yesterday and feel so incredibly proud of all our groups for amazing performances!

Well done to all our dancers, Daisy, Amelia, Carys, Izzy, Lucy, Emily, Sophie, Daisy, Ella, Lia, Gracie-May, Rebecca, Katie, Phoebe, Freya, Kacie-Leigh, Ella-Marie, Sasha, Seren, Erin, Ella, Heather, Scarlett, Lucy, Evie, Amelia, Sophie, Rosie, Cerys, Holly, Blair, Keiana, Summer, Summer, Scarlett, Honey, Aurora, Nellie, Sadie, Lydia, Delilah, Dahlia, Bella, Eva-Rose, Millie, Violet, Ella, Sullivan, Eden, Enina, Eryn, Isla, Sophie, Maisy, Katie, Imara, Harper & Elodie

Results from day 9…

1st place 🥇

Carnival of Chaos - Inter character group

Singin’ in the Rain - Junior modern group

2nd place 🥈

Somewhere only we know - Inter Lyrical group

Legally Blonde - Senior MT group

Annie - Junior MT group

Beggin’ - Senior small tap group

Amazing performances also from Fosse & Don’t cry in the most insane final section of the festival

Trophy winners

Ella Andrews - highest mark MT solo age 13+

Sophie Martin - highest aggregate marks for a local dancer aged 10 & under

Sasha Walton - Joy of Dance

Lia Lopez-Gittins & Daisy Braybrooke and Amelia Gurr & Katie Parkes - highest mark MT duet (shared)

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