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Uniform for classes 

Pre-School - own choice

Reception, Year 1 & 2, Primary & Grade 1 - Blue Leotard & skirt (you can add our branded shorts/leggings for Tap & Modern section if you wish)

Grade 2 & above - Black leotard plus our branded shorts or leggings for Tap and Modern

Contemporary, Jazz & Stretch - Any of our branded uniform can be worn for these classes

Musical Theatre & Commercial - Own choice

We are very excited to launch our new Shining Stars uniform range. 


We have various items available, Crop tops, Shorts, Vests, Leotards, Jackets, Leggings as well as hoodies, onesies etc.

Ordering Uniform

The great news is that the supplier has created a special website for you to order items directly from them so you can do this whenever you want rather than waiting for us to do a bulk order. Here is the link to the website : 


You have to register to see the items and then once you have logged in you need to click on “my membership” and it will show Shining Stars Dance Academy for you to select and you will then see all the items available and can order directly. Note: not all the photos on the website show the Shining Stars Logo but they do all have our logo on them.


This new uniform can be worn alongside our old uniform so if you have the old style uniform then please continue to wear this, we will no longer get any items in the old style apart from what we have in stock already.

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